Please support your local library by voting "YES" on our budget vote this May 15. This vote will take place along with the school budget but appears as a separate line vote. Just as costs go up for the average household, so do the costs for your library. It is our goal to keep up with the latest print offerings, DVDs, technology and children's programs for our patrons. By asking for a small increase in our budget we hope to continue to offer all that people have come to expect, including an expanded selection of e-books available. We are open 39 hours each week and have over 18,000 print titles and1,300 DVDs available for checkout. Last year we were pleased to facilitate over 16,000 library transactions. Your library is a vibrant and integral part of the community and the extremely small increase each household will be asked to contribute when compared to what it provides is one of the best values you will find. Please make it a point to give your support by voting "YES" on May 15. Your library depends on you.